Yuna Broke Her Lyric

Broke Her by Yuna can be one of the good song you liked. For many teenager, listening a refrain is one of healing recipe. Playing some favorable music also can serenity your brain and relaxing your body. For teenager, music is their insight.

Not only listening the music but you can sing “Broke Her by Yuna” by yourself. But, before that, you need to know its song lyric.

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Broke Her by Yuna Song Lyric

Tell me is this alright with you
Having me in your life
I always thought maybe I could be your wife
And I wouldn’t mind living in a lie

Still I keep my hopes on
I’m out there
Out there lightning the dark
Your words they come so easy
Girl, I just wanna be me
All of sudden I’m not on your team
Replaced by the prettier things

When I see you with all these girls
I just don’t understand
I guess I’m not like the rest of them

Is this my punishment, punishment, punishment
Cause baby I’m in pain, I’m in pain, I’m in pain

I’m just trying to overcome
The fact that maybe I was not enough
The only thing that I could think of
Is whether I should give up

So you can be with any girl you like
Singing on a fashion show, socialize

Buy them all the things your money can buy
You don’t owe anybody an alibi
Go ahead and leave me all you like
No one’s gonna ask you where you are tonight

You can tell your friends that you’re all hot
Yeah I broke her but she’ll be alright
Yeah I broke her but she’ll be alright
I broke her but she’ll be alright
I broke her but she’ll be alright

I’m broken but I’ll be alright
I’m broken but I’ll be alright
I’m broken but I’ll be alright


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