Stevie Wonder Ordinary Pain Lyric

Ordinary Pain by Stevie Wonder may be one of your favourite music. For many teenager, listening a music is one of remedial routine. Singing few favorable refrain also can serenity your brain and leisure your body. For young people, music is their inspiration.

Not only hearing the music but you can play “Ordinary Pain by Stevie Wonder” by yourself. But, before that, you must know its song lyric.

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Ordinary Pain by Stevie Wonder Song Lyric

When by the phone

In vain you sit

You very soon in your mind realize that it’s not just

An ordinary pain in your heart

When you by chance

Go knock on her door

Walkin’ away you’re convinced that it’s much more

Than just an ordinary pain in your heart

It’s more than just

An ordinary pain in your heart

When you catch up

But she says goodbye

Hold back your tears and before you start to cry

Say you feel unnecessary pain in your heart

Tell her you’re glad

It’s over in fact

Can she take with her the pain she brought you back

Takin that ordinary pain from your heart

It’s more than just

An ordinary pain from your heart

Don’t fool yourself

But tell no one else

That it’s more than just

An ordinary pain

In your heart

In your heart

In your heart


You’re just a masachistic fool

Because you knew my love was cruel

You never listened when they said

Don’t let that girl go to your head

But like a play boy you said no

or*di*nary pain

This little girl mind you will blow

or*di*nary pain

But then I blew you out the box

or*di*nary pain

When I put my stuff on key and lock

or*di*nary pain

It makes me feel kind of sick

or*di*nary pain

To know love put you in a trick

or*di*nary pain

I knew our love would have to end

or*di*nary pain

The day I made it with your friend

or*di*nary pain

Giving your love to one unreal

or*di*nary pain

Like a big fool I know you feel

or*di*nary pain

But in this lovie-dovie game

or*di*nary pain

With all its joy there must be pain

or*di*nary pain

But now the time has surely come

or*di*nary pain

This game don’t seem like so much fun

or*di*nary pain

You’re cryin big corcodile tears

or*di*nary pain

Don’t match the ones I’ve cried for years

or*di*nary pain

When I was home wainting for you

or*di*nary pa


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