Sheila On 7 J.A.P Lyric

J.A.P by Sheila On 7 maybe one of your loved song. For many people, hearing a ballad is one of curing recipe. Singing any favorable refrain also can calm your brain and refresh your body. For teenager, music is their insight.

Not only listening the music but you can play “J.A.P by Sheila On 7” by yourself. But, first thing, you must know its song lyric.

Looking for Sheila On 7 lyrics for song J.A.P? If yes, you just come to the right site.

J.A.P by Sheila On 7 Song Lyric

Lelap haru di taman

Bias makna yang terpendam

Alas tonggak harapan

Belai indah matamu

Teman mimpi tanpa jemu

Biar terkadang semu

Untaian bunga canda

Tempatkan kau lepaskan tawa

Tenang hati terbaca

Kini tiba waktuku

Untuk puitiskan sayang

Untuk katakan cinta

Reff : (2x)

Jadikanlah aku pacarmu

Kan kubingkai slalu indahmu

Jadikanlah aku pacarmu

Lringilah kisahku…

Kini tiba waktuku

Untuk puitiskan sayang

Untuk katakan cinta

Jangan pernah lari dariku…

Jangan engkau lupakan aku…

Jangan pernah lari dariku

Jangan engkau lupakan aku…

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