Shakira Estoy Aqui (I Am Here) Lyric

Estoy Aqui (I Am Here) by Shakira maybe one of the good music you loved. For many teenager, enjoying a ballad is one of curing practice. Singing few pleasing refrain also can calm your brain and rest your body. For teenager, music is their spark.

Not only hearing the music but you may play “Estoy Aqui (I Am Here) by Shakira” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to know its song lyric.

Are you looking for Shakira lyrics for song Estoy Aqui (I Am Here)? If yes, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Estoy Aqui (I Am Here) by Shakira Song Lyric

I know you won’t come back,
everything that was;
Time has left it behind.
I know that you won’t return.
What happened between us
will never be repeated.
A thousand years will never reach me
to fade you away and forget.
And now I’m here,
Trying to turn valleys into cities
Mixing the Sky and the Sea.
I know I let you escape,
I know I lost you.
Nothing can be the same;
A millenium can reach
so you can fade away.
I’m here, loving you,
in photographs and scrapbooks,
in objects and momentos.
I can’t comprehend,
I’m driving myself mad.
Changing a foot for
my own face;
This night for a day.
And there’s nothing I can do about it.

The letters I wrote,
I never sent.
You didn’t want to know of me.
I can’t understand
how foolish I was;
It’s all the matter of time and faith.
A millenium with another thousand years…
are enough to love


If you still think something of me…
You know I’m still waiting for you…
(Repeat Chorus)


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