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More by Selena Gomez maybe one of your favourite music. For many music lover, listening a refrain is one of remedial recipe. Playing few good music also can calm your brain and rest your body. For teenager, music is their vision.

Not only hearing the music but you can sing “More by Selena Gomez” by yourself. But, before that, you must know its song lyric.

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More by Selena Gomez Song Lyric

I want more
I want more
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
I want more

Friday night and we’re just talking,
Stars are crashing in the sky,
Burning just for you and I

We don’t need to over-think this,
Nothing’s gonna bring us down,
(Let’s) show them what we’re all about

All the way,
101 per cent,
Touch down,
We’re gonna kill it,
Lead the pack,
Gonna take this town

Let’s go, whatcha wanna wait for?
Let’s take everything we asked for,
Come on and turn it up,
Let’s tell them what we want,
More, more, more

Let’s go, take over the dancefloor,
You be mine and I will be yours,
Come on and let it play,
And let me hear you say
more, more, more

Take my hand and pull me closer,
Whisper nothings in my ear,
‘Til the walls just disappear

Feel the music take you higher,
Feel my heart beat like a drum,
Baby you’re the only one



Come on everybody,
Let’s go party ’til they kick us out now,
I don’t care

Once we get it started
we won’t stop until we get it all out,
Take me there, take me there



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