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Earth by Queen maybe one of the good music you loved. For some music lover, listening a ballad is one of curing method. Singing any good harmony also can peace your brain and rest your body. For young people, music is their inspiration.

Not only hearing the song but you may play “Earth by Queen” by yourself. But, before that, you need to remember its song lyric.

Are you looking for Queen lyrics for song Earth? If yes, you’ve visit to the perfect page.

Earth by Queen Song Lyric

I might be at a table

And suddenly I’ll catch

A fleeting vision of her crystal seas

Or I might be standing in a crowded dockyard faraway

Beneath the sun I’ve never seen

‘Cos I have seen many worlds

For what it’s worth

But I’ll never see again

The planet earth

My earth

I might be chasing waves of light

Out towards the grim

Where stars are sparse

And the cold of space seeps in

But I might be in a barroom

Drinking menthylated gin

And thinking of places I have been

Yes I have seen many worlds

For what it’s worth

But I’ll never see again the planet earth

My earth

Cast adrift amongst the stars

I float from sun to sun

Dreaming of the world that gave me birth

All the places I have been

Remind me there is none to match the green living hills of earth.


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