Pitbull Latinos In Paris Lyric

Latinos In Paris by Pitbull maybe one of your loved music. For some music lover, hearing a music is one of healing way. Singing few pleasing refrain also can peace your brain and refresh your body. For teenager, music is their spark.

Not only hearing the song but you may sing “Latinos In Paris by Pitbull” by yourself. But, before that, you must know its song lyric.

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Latinos In Paris by Pitbull Song Lyric

Flow so hard that chico esta crazy (este chico ‘ta loco) [x4]

Catch a chico en Paris
Getting money like Arabs
Divorced from the game
But the streets and I pledged marriage
I’m allergic to, the fake
I’m from the land, of cake
Gloves, mask, tape
Top is open, safe
Funny talk on the phone
I’m sorry pop but no sale
Down here, yeah they got weights
But I’m sorry pop but no scale
Banana clips they pop
Pop pop pop pop pop pill
think they won’t but they will
And they just dyin, to kill
Rollin, bad one
Always, behind me
Room full billionaires
That’s where, you’ll find me
So far ahead of the game
They can’t catch a pimp, they rewind me
Pull the trigga yourself
Blow yo brains out and don’t mind me

Flow so hard that chico esta crazy (este chico ‘ta loco) [x4]

Okay, this is what I say
Lets get money, lets get paid
El diablo, say say say
En una ..pase por el broadway
I’m the best pole y del puto que conmigo no way
Yo no le doy un brey esto es el jefe..
Y le rompo el culo que le
Motha fucka tryna find me, y
They tryna find me, y
Ellos se pusieron grammy, but they don’t try me
.tryna find me
Cause I get on mi Miami
Y se vienieron ..and by me
Quieren tumbarme pero .. que mamarme
Ya me quemo..antes de..
Tu esta loco
You crazy?..del piloto
Tu estas roto
Yo me junto con Pitbull y me saco la loto
Que vuelta, que trompo, I said it
enrolando una mona del..de mi moco..
Yo no…yo
Professional me compolto
Sobrevivi de una bolto
Tengo una cara de tonto, pero de tonto no tengo otro ronto
De esta nota demote no me demonto
Yo soy un monstro…
Yo voy..corto
..porque yo no me recordo un dominicano in Paris!

Flow so hard that chico esta crazy (este chico ‘ta loco) [x4]


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