Mike Posner Traveling Man (Snippet) Lyric

Traveling Man (Snippet) by Mike Posner maybe one of your liked song. For many teenager, hearing a chorus is one of curing formula. Singing some good harmony also can serenity your brain and leisure your body. For young people, music is their vision.

Not only enjoying the music but you can sing “Traveling Man (Snippet) by Mike Posner” by yourself. But, before that, you need to know its song lyric.

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Traveling Man (Snippet) by Mike Posner Song Lyric

I’m a traveling man
Made a lot of stops, all over the world
But in every part, I own the heart
Of at least one lovely girl.

I have a pretty senorita
Waiting for me
When I get back to LA
And all the girls that I ran through
When I was in cancun
I still don’t know their names

Oh my georgia beach down in ATL
Calls me everyday
And my brooklyn girl back in NYC meets me at JFK

Pretty pouerto rican baby I met at the bar
I remember the time
I left the studio late
But you fixed me a plate
And then you let me spend the night

Ohh I’m a traveling man
Yes I’m a traveling man
Ohh I’m a traveling man


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