Melly Goeslaw Pemabuk Cinta Lyric

Pemabuk Cinta by Melly Goeslaw maybe one of the perfect song you loved. For many people, listening a chorus is one of healing technique. Playing few pleasing tune also can serenity your brain and rest your body. For young people, music is their influence.

Not only enjoying the music but you may sing “Pemabuk Cinta by Melly Goeslaw” by yourself. But, before that, you must know its song lyric.

Are you looking for Melly Goeslaw lyrics for song Pemabuk Cinta? If yes, you’ve come to the best page.

Pemabuk Cinta by Melly Goeslaw Song Lyric

Jauh di angkasa sana
Mungkinkah cinta ada disana
Gambaran sepenggal hati
Sampai kini belum terbayangkan

Pre-Chorus :
Seperti cinta cinta
Anak remaja sekarang
Seperti aku pemabuk cinta

Verse 2 :
Biarlah darah yang muda
Bergejolak dan meronta ronta
Mencambuk hati yang malas
Menunjuk arah datangnya cinta

Pre-Chorus :

Chorus :
Pasti bahagia bila ada cinta
Pasti bahagia bila kamu denganku
Pasti bahagia karna aku muda aku pemabuk cinta


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