Marcell Dirimu & Diriku Lyric

Dirimu & Diriku by Marcell might be one of the best music you loved. For many teenager, hearing a melody is one of curing method. Singing some favorable refrain also can calm your brain and ease your body. For young people, music is their inspiration.

Not only enjoying the music but you can sing “Dirimu & Diriku by Marcell” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to remember its song lyric.

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Dirimu & Diriku by Marcell Song Lyric

Dalam lamunan
Dalam impian
Engkau selalu terbayang
Dikesunyian malam
Angin bertiup bulan meredup
Suasana yang mencekam
Dingin menusuk kalbu

Daun – daunan bertebaran
Bunga – bungapun
Langit berselimuti awan
Gelap pekat
Alam semesta takkan
mungkin terlupa
Dalam kehidupan

Dirimu dan diriku yang dulu
Di sela keramaian
Kini kau jauh dari sisiku
Yang duduk seorang diri
Tiada dapat mengerti


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