Maliq and D Essentials Sunshine (chorus) Lyric

Sunshine (chorus) by Maliq and D Essentials might be one of your loved song. For some people, enjoying a melody is one of remedial routine. Singing few pleasing music also can calm your brain and ease your body. For young people, music is their insight.

Not only enjoying the song but you can sing “Sunshine (chorus) by Maliq and D Essentials” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to remember its song lyric.

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Sunshine (chorus) by Maliq and D Essentials Song Lyric

I got sunshine
Shinning through my eyes
The love is from above
You gave me with arush
Cause you re the sunshine of my life

When I_m doubt
I pray to you
You lead the way to brighten up my day
Day after day
U_ll always there
You show the way to brighter up my day
I got sunshine…I got sunshine…
I_m gonna get down
And I_m down for you
I raise my hand, call up you_re name
ALLAHUAKBAR…The one above me
I live for you and I_ll die for you
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