Lorde Buzzcut Season Lyric

Buzzcut Season by Lorde may be one of the good music you loved. For some people, hearing a music is one of remedial formula. Playing any good music also can peace your brain and relaxing your body. For teenager, music is their inspiration.

Not only listening the song but you can sing “Buzzcut Season by Lorde” by yourself. But, before that, you must know its song lyric.

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Buzzcut Season by Lorde Song Lyric

[Verse 1:]
I remember when your head caught flame
It kissed your scalp and caressed your brain
Well you laughed, baby it’s okay (I remember when your head caught flame)
It’s buzzcut season anyway (Well you laughed, baby it’s okay)

Explosions on TV
And all the girls with heads inside a dream
So now we live beside the pool
Where everything is good

[Verse 2:]
We ride the bus with the knees pulled in
People should see how we’re living (We ride the bus with the knees pulled in)
Shut my eyes to the song that plays
Sometimes this has a hot, sweet taste (Shut my eyes to the song that plays)

[Chorus 2:]
The men up on the news
They try to tell us all that we will lose
But it’s so easy in this blue
Where everything is good

And I’ll never go home again (Place the call, feel it start)
Favorite friend, and nothing’s when nothing’s true
I’d live in a hologram with you
We’re all the things that we do for fun (and I’ll breathe, and it goes)
Play along (make believe, its hyper real)
But I’d live in a hologram with you

Cola with the burnt-out taste
I’m the one you tell your fears to
There’ll never be enough of us



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