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The End by Little Mix might be one of your favourite music. For some people, enjoying a lyrics is one of remedial practice. Playing any good melody also can serenity your brain and rest your body. For teenager, music is their spark.

Not only listening the song but you can sing “The End by Little Mix” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to remember its song lyric.

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The End by Little Mix Song Lyric

I can’t keep breaking up with you
You messed with my heart babe
Now it’s black and blue
But love isn’t fair
And I swear
That this time
This is the end

And I can’t keep lying
Lying to myself
Oh I’m thinking you’ll love me right
But you never will no
It’s too much to bear (too much to bear)
So I swear (this time I swear)
That this time
This is the end (I mean it baby)

Said I’m gonna leave
But I’ll never leavin’
Now I know that I really don’t need to have your fun
Now the parties done
And you beg on the floor
As I walk out the door
Boy we’re through

All the tears I’ve cried
All the lonely nights
Boy I lost my mind
But now I’m sure (now I’m sure now I’m sure)

You can say all you want but love isn’t here anymore

And I won’t be missing missing you
And no one can love you
The way I used to do
But love isn’t fair (love isn’t fair)
And I swear (this time I swear)
That this time
This is the end

I promise baby

This is the end

You know it’s the end

This is the end


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