Kelly Clarkson Bleed For Me Lyric

Bleed For Me by Kelly Clarkson might be one of your loved song. For many teenager, listening a music is one of healing practice. Singing any positive melody also can peace your brain and leisure your body. For teenager, music is their inspiration.

Not only listening the music but you may play “Bleed For Me by Kelly Clarkson” by yourself. But, before that, you need to know its song lyric.

Searching for Kelly Clarkson lyrics for song Bleed For Me? If yes, you already visit to the perfect page.

Bleed For Me by Kelly Clarkson Song Lyric

Always Crossing Fingers
Holding Back
Drawing Circles On The Floor

Pretending You Don’t See Me
Blinding Your Self Completly
Running From The Hands That Hold You High

Hold On This Time
I Will Take You
To Where You Belong
Hold On This Time
You Don’t Have To
Bleed For Me
You Don’t Have To
Bleed For Me


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