Jennifer Lopez Feelin’ So Good (Featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe) Lyric

Feelin’ So Good (Featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe) by Jennifer Lopez might be one of the perfect song you loved. For many people, hearing a song is one of healing way. Playing some favorable music also can serenity your brain and leisure your body. For young people, music is their influence.

Not only hearing the music but you may play “Feelin’ So Good (Featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe) by Jennifer Lopez” by yourself. But, first thing, you must know its song lyric.

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Feelin’ So Good (Featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe) by Jennifer Lopez Song Lyric

[Big Punisher]
We got artist of the year rhyming here
Grammy nominations and platinum plus ain’t nothing baby
All I want in life
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo…
You priceless, you like diamonds and icey wrists
We got chedda, I’m twice as rich
Make you bite your lips, Jenny you know you like unless
Nice and thick, if you ever leave me I’d slice my wrists
Treat you like a bitch, never that

We got beef where my niggaz at
Streets is where I’m living at

[Fat Joe]
Where the glock, that’s the sounds of the mini mack
Where we at, uptown where its really at
Here me yack, I want the mansion, the yacht
Advance on the spot, we can dance till we drop
Let my hands slip a knot

Joe you the don

[Fat Joe]
Jenny you the bomb
Any man disrespect, good as gone

When I opened up my eyes today
Felt the sun shining on my face
It became so clear to me
That everything is going my way
I feel like there’s no limit to what I can see
Got rid of my fears that were holding me
My endless possibilities
Has the whole world opened up for me
That’s why I’m feeling…

1 – I’m feeling so go
I knew that I would
Been taking care of myself
Like I should, cause not one thing
Can bring me down
Nothing in this world’s gonna turn me around

Now the day is turning into night
And everything is still going right
There’s no way you can stop me this time
Or break this spirit of mine, oh no
Like the stars above I’m gonna shine
Anything I want will be mine
Tonight I’m gonna have a good time
Call a few friends of mine
Cause I’m loving life, and tonight’s for feeling…

Repeat 1(2x)

[Big Punisher]
Boricua, that’s you mamacita
Puertorican diva, from la isla bonita
Let me freak ya on the dance floor
Lead your man off,
He’s just trying to get your pants off

[Fat Joe]
That’s the last straw
Pun I ain’t got a glass jaw
Better run when you see me coming through the back door
Crack smart, I give it all for my brother
There’s to things I don’t share
That’s my money and my mother

[Big Punisher]
I love honeys since the paradise for real
Seis caps some steel, this..better scrap for real

[Fat Joe]
Shut up your grill
You know we never fight
It’s your world girl, set it off right

Repeat 1(2x)

I’m feelin’ so
Party every night
Everything is feelin’ right
I’m feelin’ so
Party every night
Everything is feelin’ right
The world’s gonna treat me right

Repeat 1 til end


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