Iwan Fals 2 Menit 10 Detik Lyric

2 Menit 10 Detik by Iwan Fals might be one of your loved song. For some people, hearing a melody is one of remedial formula. Playing few favorable music also can calm your brain and ease your body. For young people, music is their vision.

Not only hearing the music but you may play “2 Menit 10 Detik by Iwan Fals” by yourself. But, first thing, you must know its song lyric.

Are you looking for Iwan Fals lyrics for song 2 Menit 10 Detik? If yes, you just come to the perfect place.

2 Menit 10 Detik by Iwan Fals Song Lyric

Yang menangis di ketiakku
Engkaukah itu perempuanku?

Diamlah diamlah
Berhentilah berhentilah

Yang tertawa di nganga luka
Engkaukah itu betinaku?

Puaskah hatimu?
Teruslah tertawa


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