Girls Generation Cooky Lyric

Cooky by Girls Generation maybe one of the best song you liked. For some people, enjoying a refrain is one of remedial formula. Singing any great refrain also can peace your brain and ease your body. For teenager, music is their insight.

Not only listening the song but you may play “Cooky by Girls Generation” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to know its song lyric.

If you are looking Girls Generation lyrics for song Cooky, you have come to the right website.

Cooky by Girls Generation Song Lyric

Hey Cooky Cooky Cooky
Wonhandamyeon naege marae Cooky (Hey! Hey! )
Hey Cooky (Hey! Hey! )

Hey Cooky Cooky Cooky
Manjyeobomyeon bbajyeodeunda Cooky (Hey! Hey! )
Hey Cooky (Hey! Hey! )

[Sunny] Niga wonhadamyeon Cutie Cooky Girl
[Tiffany] Jigyoeryhame jichyeodamyeon sexy Cooky Girl
[Jessica] Saekdareungeol wonhae wanbyeokhan neoui Cooky

Hey Cooky Cooky Cooky naege dagawa
[Seohyun] Jangnanseureon nae moseube bbajyeobeorilgeol
Hey Cooky Cooky Cooky naege maraebwa
Sweet Love Sweet Cooky

Neon naui My Cooky My Cooky
Talkomhan naui kuki

Hey Cooky Cooky Cooky
Talkomhame bbajyeottnabwa Cooky (Hey! Hey! )
Hey Cooky (Hey! Hey! )

Hey Cooky Cooky Cooky
Saekdareume bbajyeonabwa Cooky (Hey! Hey! )
Hey Cooky (Hey! Hey! )

Hey Hey Hey Hey
Hey Cooky


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