Foo Fighters D.O.A. Lyric

D.O.A. by Foo Fighters may be one of the best song you loved. For many teenager, hearing a ballad is one of curing recipe. Singing some good refrain also can serenity your brain and leisure your body. For teenager, music is their insight.

Not only listening the song but you may sing “D.O.A. by Foo Fighters” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to know its song lyric.

When you are looking Foo Fighters lyrics for song D.O.A., you have come to the right place.

D.O.A. by Foo Fighters Song Lyric

Oh you know I did it
It’s over and I feel fine
Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind
Waiting and I wait at the longest night
Nothing like the taste to sweet decline

I was down, I fell, I fell so fast
Dropping like the grains in an hourglass
Never say forever cause nothing last
Dancing with the thorns of my buried past

Nevermind there’s nothing I can do
Bet your life there’s something killing you

It’s a shame we have to die my dear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

What a way to go, they have no fear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

Finished, I’m getting you off my chest
Made you come clean in a dirty dress
A promise is a promise you kept in check
Heart across a heart that beats it’s best

Take a good hard look for the very last time
The very last one in a very long line
Only took a second to say goodbye
Then the pleasure ’bout the pleasure’s
been mine, all mine

Ain’t no way, DOA
Ain’t no way, DOA

It’s a shame we have to disappear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time
This time
This time


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