Fetty Wap I Don’t Love Her (Freestyle) Lyric

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I Don’t Love Her (Freestyle) by Fetty Wap Song Lyric

Ay, Monty, Ayo Dice
I don’t know what the fuck is going on man
Ayo, man they call me ZooWap from the bando
Fetty Wap, ZooZoo, Zoovier, ay look ay

I play with them drums, my bitch, she on the organ
And she MVP, assist her right and she scoring
Left her other nigga, he was broke and was boring
12&22nd, used to trap on the corners
I ain’t saying I was rich but big ZooWap could afford it
Now my money longer, I rock robins and jordans
And I know these niggas mad two pairs of jeans their apartment
Where the fuck was ya’ll at when big ZooWap was starving
Had to make it happen, twenty niggas in an apartment
I ain’t had no fucking help, I put that on my mama
LB got me in the trap, every day it was harder
Started serving every day, then, my sack got larger
Remy Boyz, niggas know we making it harder
Bag mounds of work, send the shit way farther
I be in the trap tryna keep my eyes open
DA fucked up tryna throw the trial on me
Gotta watch for the fuck niggas tryna plot on me
Got the drop from his bitch, say he tryna ride on me
He deserves to slowly die with his eyes wide open
He deserves to slowly die with his eyes wide open
Pull up on these niggas, start to swerving
Ay, Remy Boyz, niggas know it perfect
Ay I’m scoring on these niggas, Steve Kerr
Ay, baby I ain’t even got insurance
Ay, sipping on the lean got me slurred
Ay, get you fucked up for the 30
Ay, Monty don’t approve that I’m Kerr
Hit this three pointer, Steve Kerr, Squad!


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