Elvis Presley A World of Our Own Lyric

A World of Our Own by Elvis Presley may be one of the perfect music you loved. For many people, enjoying a refrain is one of curing routine. Singing any positive tune also can serenity your brain and rest your body. For teenager, music is their spark.

Not only hearing the music but you can sing “A World of Our Own by Elvis Presley” by yourself. But, first thing, you must know its song lyric.

If you are searching Elvis Presley lyrics for song A World of Our Own, you already come to the right web.

A World of Our Own by Elvis Presley Song Lyric

You kiss me darling, a miracle starts
A magic feeling, comes into our hearts
The spell of love began, when we’re alone
And we’re in, a world of our own

You say you want me, and music I hear
Touch me my darling, and clouds disappear
The sky is bright above, and cares have flown
And we’re in, a world of our own

Holding you close, is heaven
Only I know, what it’s worth
Knowing you’re mine, forever
Is the greatest wonder on earth

Nothing can change it, the magic’s begun
When we’re together, our hearts become one
I find a happiness, I’ve never known
When we’re in, a world of our own

When we’re in…a world of our own…


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