Des’ree Strong Enough Lyric

Strong Enough by Des’ree might be one of your liked song. For some music lover, enjoying a song is one of curing mechanism. Singing few positive music also can serenity your brain and rest your body. For teenager, music is their vision.

Not only enjoying the music but you may sing “Strong Enough by Des’ree” by yourself. But, before that, you need to know its song lyric.

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Strong Enough by Des’ree Song Lyric

Trying to figure out just where your life is goin’
Can you see the picture in the purple sky?
Silently you’re walkin’, but where are you headin’?
Questions terrorise, space inside your mind

Are you strong enough for love?
Are you strong enough for peace?
Are you strong enough to die?
Tell me why
I’m strong enough for you,
are you strong enough for me?
‘Cos down, down in the city
love ain’t always pretty

They try to take your soul and mind
But you won’t let them
Never wear your destiny, outside your smile
Always talk in riddles, so you keep them guessing
Never criticise, keep an open mind

They’re holding their hands, begging for some time
Can you spare a shilling, can you spare a life?
You try to give them food, but they just refuse you
Deep down inside, you know you’ve tried


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