Chrisye Kan Berlalu Lyric

Kan Berlalu by Chrisye might be one of your liked music. For many people, hearing a song is one of healing method. Singing few great harmony also can peace your brain and refresh your body. For young people, music is their vision.

Not only listening the song but you can play “Kan Berlalu by Chrisye” by yourself. But, first thing, you must know its song lyric.

Looking for Chrisye lyrics for song Kan Berlalu? If yes, you’ve visit to the right place.

Kan Berlalu by Chrisye Song Lyric

Kau duduk termenung menatap langit..sendiri
Terlihat dimatamu kelabu
Entah apa yang ada dibenakmu..kubertanya-tanya
Seberat apa beban yang mengganggu

Usah terhanyut dan diam saja
Hidup memang begini adanya
Sedihmu akan berlalu

Oh oh ioo ioo
Semua kan berlalu (oh…oh….iooo…..ioo…)
Senyumlah selalu (oh…oh….iooo…..ioo…)
Langitkan kembali cerah
Sambut hari-harimu

Semua kan berlalu
Senyumlah selalu

Langit’kan kembali cerah
Mentari bersinar lagi
Menyambut hari-harimu
Indahnya ……oh…oh


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