Base Jam Kusambut Ramadhan Lyric

Kusambut Ramadhan by Base Jam might be one of the best song you loved. For many teenager, hearing a music is one of remedial routine. Singing some good harmony also can calm your brain and rest your body. For young people, music is their spark.

Not only hearing the song but you can play “Kusambut Ramadhan by Base Jam” by yourself. But, first thing, you need to know its song lyric.

When you are looking Base Jam lyrics for song Kusambut Ramadhan, you just come to the best site.

Kusambut Ramadhan by Base Jam Song Lyric

Di ujung langit, terbit mentari pagi
Menerangi jagad raya, turunkan hikmah dari Mu
Sinar Ilahi tiba, bersihkan jiwa
Memberikan berkah, tebar bunga-bunga surgaMu

Oh Tuhan, kusambut Ramadhan
Kusambut bulan-Mu
Hapus dosaku, bawa fitriku
Oh Tuhan, kusambut Ramadhan
Kusambut bulan-Mu
Dengan izin-Mu wujudkanlah semua doaku

Semua insan, berdoa penuh harap
Menanti ampunan yang kan Kau berikan tanpa pinta
Hari yang baru tiba, terhias penuh warna
Menerangi jiwa-jiwa penuh harap kasih-Mu

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Kusambut Ramadhan
Kusambut bulanMu
Bawalah fitriku
Hapuskan dosa-dosaku


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