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Numbers by Andy Grammer Song Lyric

Add the bass y’all
Add the trumpet y’all

Well I’m a five on a good day,
Six I got plenty of things I need to fix
A bigger chest and dimples in my face
With those I could be pushin’ seven or eight
Guitar in hand add a point to my score
No car slide me down to a four
Six feet with a pair of blue eyes
Brings me back up to a five
Greater than less than equal to
We’re making this way to mathematical
The value of personality seems to be dead
All walkin’ around with numbered halo’s on our heads, well
Threes want fours and fours want fives
Eights think nines have much better lives
And it’s a reasonable question to ask
I guess it’s all how ya doing the math
And I can sit and I can lie to you
And say this somethin’ that I don’t do
But I’m another number crunchin’ fool,
Who’s calculators’ way overused
Greater than less than equal to
You’re making this way to mathematical
The value of personality seems to be dead
All walkin’ around with numbered halo’s on our heads
And I’m thinking
Just one time I wish I could have a nine
She’d be hot and she’d be mine just one time
But for every nine there’s a two
Starting back at you,
Wishing you would do what you wanted the nine to

90% of the mental judicial system is based solely on superficial intuition
To me that seems a bit strange
Only talk to people who we think we might be kissin’
That’s a lot of ideas to be dismissing
We leave it to humans to choose the criteria we can’t change
It doesn’t make sense, no doesn’t make sense, doesn’t make sense
For the numbers to be where we are concentrating
In my minor sense I condense in my minor sense
Asymetrical interactions
Simply evaporating I’m a five on a good day six
Got plenty of things need to fix
I need a formula or some sort of plan to try to focus on the soda not the can


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